Monday, July 13, 2015

Ronni Lundy Keeps Spreading the Sorghum Gospel

Superstar food writer and Kentuckian Ronni Lundy published Sorghum's Savor this year - and we're so glad. Here she says a bit more about her affinity for this wonderful food.

Saturday, May 31, 2014

Another "Sorghum Rediscovered" Story

It's well written, and mostly accurate, we think: Sorghum Seeing Success As Southern Foods Get Hot. We might quibble with the "what's lost is found" trope, given that sorghum never left the table for thousands of families in the upper south and the lower midwest. But we agree that sorghum is spreading. And that's good for eaters and growers. Hat tip CSP.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

I missed Sorghum Travels From The South To The Mainstream when it first came out, though it's making a point I've been making, too, for some years. Four pretty good-looking recipes may make it worth your while to check out.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Barr Farms Rejoins Kentucky Sorghum Makers–After 70 Years!

When Gary Barr, right, called me, he was on his way from his lawyering life in Lexington to his farming life on his seventh generation family farm near Rhodelia, Kentucky, in Meade County. He said the trip takes two hours and ten minutes. I thought we might take up his entire trip, trading sorghum questions and lore.

I met Gary through Lisa Munniksma, Barr Farms' world-traveling super-intern, writer and blogger. One of Lisa's blog projects is Freelance Farmer Chick. Lisa connected me to Gary, and next thing I knew, I was driving that same two hours and ten minutes to Rhodelia, eager to witness the first sorghum-making on the farm in at least 70 years.

I enjoyed every part of the experience, including the drive across a part of southern Indiana that was new to me. I wrote about the experience, with many photos, for Savoring Kentucky. And I look forward to next year, when Barr Farms plans to more than triple this first year's sorghum production.

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Sorghum Drips and Dressings at Crave Lexington's "Made from Scratch" Food and Music Festival

Crave Lexington is ready and rarin' to go, with vendors, tastes, music, demonstrations, trails, meals, and inspiration. I will demonstrate five Sorghum Drizzles and Dressings at noon on Saturday, September 21, on Stage A. Insider tip: My first drizzle and first dressing are published. Chef Edward Lee of Louisville's fine 610 Magnolia invented Sorghum-Lime Drizzle for his award-winning new cookbook, Smoke and Pickles.

And Chef Ouita Michel invented a magical, amazing Sorghum-Bourbon Vinaigrette for her Holly Hill Inn Family of restaurants in central Kentucky. She sweetly permitted me to include her recipe in Sweet, Sweet Sorghum.

These and three more! Come to Crave, and see, smell, maybe even taste! Teaser—I hope to open tastebuds to that exciting place where savory and sweet meet, all based on Kentucky ingredients.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

You Can Say That Again

This truck greeted me when I went to a sorghum barn recently. Amen. And thank you.

Sugar Drip at Country Rock

Country Rock Sorghum's 2013 Sugar Drip is sweet, light, and light-bodied. It's sorghum with less of the dark caramel underpinning that old-time sorghum hands may prefer, and that makes it perfect for introducing new people to sweet sorghum. Quite a few people at a recent wedding in New York went home with Country Rock's award-winning sorghum in hand. The sweetness of the wedding and the sweetness of the sorghum—a perfect pairing.