Thursday, July 11, 2013

Sorghum on Spoonbread: Happiness for All Seasons

Sorghum sometimes seems like cool weather food, but it's splendid on spoonbread, the light, luscious version of cornbread that Kentuckians and others eat year-round at special meals. Recently samples of Kentucky spoonbread (Weisenberger Mill's unbolted yellow cornmeal) topped with award-winning Country Rock Sorghum (Woodford County) made a whole lot of people happy at Good Foods Market & Café's Local Food Celebration.

Monday, July 8, 2013

Beth Kirby's Sorghum Buttercream (and Waffle Cake, and general wonderfulness)

I cheer any time the blog {local milk} shows up in my email inbox. No matter how rushed, what deadline, which thing I postpone, I settle in to read Chattanoogan Beth Kirby's luscious words and, at least as much, lust over her evocative photographs.

She loves all local ingredients. Sorghum is as local to {local milk} as it is to me. So imagine my happiness at finding this post in my morning email: brown butter waffle cake with sorghum buttercream, Beth's 30th birthday cake. Right away, I can see ways to make those waffles gluten-free, too. (Tapioca and white rice flour is where I would start, or maybe with Bloomfield's excellent all purpose gluten free baking mix.)

In any case, I am eager to try the sorghum buttercream. I particularly love that it is mostly sorghum-sweetened. Very little sugar. That's a fine birthday present for all of us. Thank you, Beth Kirby! I love that you are sorghum's good friend in Chattanooga.